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Join us on the Free60 IRC channel at (server, channel #free60-chat)

To contribute new information and speak with devs, come to (server, channel #free60)

There's also a channel for the guys on EFNET which is currently the most active channel of all three.

Catch us in #libxenon on EFnet!

Free60 and are happy to facilitate the means for information gathering and dissemination. But, we have some basic guidelines we need you to follow.


We're not trying to be dictators, we just want everyone to get along. OFTC is a civil network and we'd like to keep it that way.

Basic Guidelines

  • Be polite. Flaming others and the like is considered bad netiquette, and is frowned upon. This will more than likely result in you and any participating parties being banned from the channel.

  • Be on-topic. Off-topic discussion is considered noise and should be directed elsewhere.

  • Do not /msg people with on-topic discussion. Rather, discuss that in-channel.

  • Do not overly repeat yourself. We heard you the first time.

  • Please don't run any bots without prior permission from an op.

  • Channel opertator status is not a privilege, but rather a responsibilty. Asking for such will more than likely get you banned.

  • #free60 is NOT a distribution point for pirated/illegal material, be it software or even documentation. We have zero-tolerance towards any related discussion. That also goes for use ofĂ‚ !list or other such commands. You have been warned.

Asking Questions

Before Asking

  • Search the wiki for an answer.
  • Search the mailing list.

While Asking

  • Be polite.
  • Be patient.
  • Be pertinent -- that is make sure your question has something to do with the channel you're in.

After Asking

  • If your question was answered and can't be found on the wiki please post that info.
  • Stick around to help others after you.

Use the right channel

There are two channels in OFTC currently for public use:

  1. #free60 is for technical and development discussion, for idle chat seek #free60-chat.
  2. #free60-chat is for general discussion on or off topic for free60 and is loosely controlled.

And one public channel on EFNET

  1. #libxenon for everything from LibXenon and Linux till XeLL

  2. Currently neither channel is moderated ( m) though if conversations get out of hand or anything of that nature we reserve the right to place higher restrictions.

  3. Both channels will receive the same updates about important information.
  4. You can hang out in both, but make sure you questions are for the right channel.


Thank you for your interest in Free60, enjoy your stay!

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