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Ethernet interface

The Xbox 360 use all the same Ethernet 10/100 network adapter. WiFi-adapter is missing, but can be purchased separately. For new revisions of consoles (Slim version) Wi-Fi-built module.

Controller chip Fast Ethernet (on-board is usually referred to as U1B1 or U1B2)

Ethernet Chip



Comes from Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.

ICS1803BF Pinout



Comes from Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc.

Pinout coming soon...


Xbox 360 Slim - Internal Wifi module

The Xbox 360 Slim family (Corona/Trinity/Winchester) comes with an internal wifi module.

It is connected to the motherboard via USB protocol, it uses 3,3V VCC instead of 5V!

Generic info:

  • Wifi Chipset: Marvell 88W8786U-NAP2
  • Flash: Winbond W25X40BVSNIG (4Mbit / 512kB)
  • USB IDs: 045e:0765

There are different models of this board used:

  • Model 1400, X850272-007, U72H003 GP 800571 REV.0, FCC: C3K1400
  • Model 1488, X858591-002, Marvell B52 REV 3.0, FCC: C3K1488

Marvell 88W8786U-NAP2 Module front Module back Module pinout

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