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libXenon is a library for writing programs for the Xbox 360, without using any existing code as a basis. That means that the resulting binaries should be free code, and don't contain stuff which would be illegal to distribute. This also means that you don't have to rely on Linux, which gives some advantages regarding system utilization.

Getting libXenon

libXenon is work-in-progress, and is available from Free60 Git Repository

You can check out the source code using git with the following command:

git clone git://

(Windows users may want to try TortoiseGit)

Installing libXenon

To use libXenon you need a proper installation of Xenon Toolchain first. You just go into the toolchain-directory which holds build-xenon-toolchain and execute:

./build-xenon-toolchain libxenon

This will download and install a fresh copy of libXenon Libraries to the $DEVKITXENON-path (Which should be defined in your ~/.bashrc already! - See bottom of Xenon Toolchain-page if it isn't!)


libXenon (or devkitxenon) stuff is best discussed in #free60-noos on the OFTC IRC network , or in #libXenon on EFnet IRC,

Sample Code

Example code illustrating libXenon use can be found on the LibXenon Examples page.

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