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We really appreciate your interest in the Free60 Project, and especially your enthusiasm to want to contribute! If you haven't yet, please have a look at our Goals.


Who can't contribute

Unfortunately not everyone can chip in, for example people who have signed an NDA pertaining to the hardware or software used on the Xbox 360 can't as it would break their contract.

Who can contribute

If you don't meet the above, congratulations! You're eligible to participate in the project. There are still quite a few areas of expertise we are interested in and need information on, so please keep reading!

Areas of Opportunity

These are a few areas where we can use assistance.


We always need people willing to update and translate all our current documentation, as well as fill in the missing holes. For example, most of the major file systems used on the Xbox 360 have still not fully been explored here. If you want to help contribute to the advancement of Free60 please read on into the Editing the Wiki section.


Currently Free60 has no plans to incorporate or provide other such means for easy monetary donations to the project as a whole. If you feel like you have hardware or money that you want to contribute to the project, feel free to donate directly to developers and members. Free60 is not responsible for such donations. Check Stuff we need for a list of items developers are currently seeking.

Editing The Wiki

This website is a Wiki collection of web pages, whose content may be edited anonymously, over the internet.

Care and Feeding

Because of it's collaborative and freely-editable nature, writing, updating and maintaining documentation are the most important steps to keeping the system alive.

A few guidelines to go by when editing pages on this wiki:

  • Provide accurate information.
  • Write an edit summary for your change. It takes the guess-work out of browsing through the changelog.
  • Avoid duplication. New pages that duplicate already existing information are a bad idea. Work on-top of the existing content to better it instead.
  • Upload only those images that you own. Or at least get permission from the owner to do so. Infringing on someone else's copyright does no one any good, really.

Repair and Restoration

As a negative side effect, wikis are also a target of and mostly vulnerable to vandalism.

Spotting and reverting cases of vandalism can be anywhere from time consuming, to trivial a task. Either way, this is greatly appreciated.

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