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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • Whats the status of the project? We can run unsigned code, Linux patches exist and a second level boot loader as well as several LiveCDs have been released. But you still need a first-level boot loader. There are two in the wild, by Crawler360 and xorloser. Both require you to patch the shaders of the Xbox 360 title King Kong. The xorloser loader is probably what you are looking for as it works without soldering a serial cable to the motherboard of your Xbox 360.

  • Is it possible to run unsigned code on the Xbox 360? Yes. Look at Run Code.

  • Which hack should I use for my xbox kernel version?

Kernel lower than 2.0.4548: See Timing Attack

Kernel up to 2.0.7371: There's a method to run unsigned code if your Dashboard-Version is not higher than 7371. Have a look at SMC Hack

Kernel higher than 7371: The new Reset Glitch Hack supports many consoles with recent Kernels

  • Where can I find the latest news? Relevant news items are posted on the front page. For what else has changed on the Wiki, see the recent changes.

  • Will I void my warranty by taking my machine apart? Yes. There is a tamper-proof seal that must be broken to get any further than just removing the faceplate. Doing so automatically voids any warranty you might have had.

  • How can I subscribe to the mailinglist? Sorry, Mailing Lists aren't available anymore.

  • I have access to official documentation or official developer software/hardware. May I help? No. Contributing any such information would put you in violation of your Non-Disclosure Agreement, while tainting the project at the same time. Note, however, IANAL and TINLA.

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