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Jasper is the codename of the fifth motherboard revision for the Xbox 360. On Jasper motherboards found within Arcade SKUs, this Xbox 360 Motherboard revision features an onboard memory unit to facilitate the NXE Dashboard.

The connections required to dump/flash the NAND are the same as all previous models.

Performing the SMC Hack requires the same wiring as Zephyr, Opus, and Falcon mainboards. This is a slightly different set of connections than those required for the Xenon mainboard.

Jasper (V4.0)

  • Consoles: Arcade 256MB & 512MB, Pro/Premium 60GB, Elite 120GB & 250GB and Resident Evil 5 console
  • 65nm IBM CPU
  • 65nm ATI GPU with 80nm on-chip eDRAM
  • 150 Watt PSU (12V rated for 12.1A, new connector)
  • Arcade Edition Larger Flash 256MB or 512MB Hynix HY27UF082G2B on-board flash, up from 16MB HY27US08281A flash, to accommodate the NXE update.
  • New Southbridge chipset
  • Ram removed from bottom of mainboard
  • New style CPU Heat sink + the GPU heat sink with heat pipe
  • 3 pin fan connector.
  • New Warranty Sticker.
  • Shipping with LiteOn 7XXX/8XXX/V2/9XXX DVD-Drivers.
  • Least likely to red ring of death (RRoD) due to the less heat being outputted by the chips

Jasper (V4.1)

Same as Jasper (V4) other than some minor changes.

  • Consoles: Arcade 512MB, Elite 120GB & 250GB, Modern Warfare 2 consoles and Final Fantasy 13 consoles
  • 65nm eDRAM (?)
  • New Southbridge chipset
  • Arcade Edition Larger Flash 256MB and 512MB to accommodate NXE (Removes 256MB Memory Card)
  • Shipping with Lite-On 8XXXV2/9XXX DVD-Drivers.
  • JTAG Hack / SMC patched on CB level
  • Xenon style GPU heat sink with Falcon style CPU heat sink
  • Special edition consoles: Modern Warfare 2 Consoles
  • Last of the original style 360 systems

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