The following has been written on April 1st, 2010. Happy April fool's day!

In a leaked private e-mail to current Free60 project maintainer Georg Lukas, Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business has stated to release a dashboard update for the Xbox 360 allowing to boot an "Other OS", similar to the functionality recently disabled in the PS3 by Sony:

From: xxx <>
To: Georg Lukas <>
Subject: Loading other Operating Systems on the Xbox 360


due to the recent policy change at Sony and the hacker attempts to patching our
Dashboard Software for illegal activities, we have decided to add a feature to
the Xbox 360 dashboard to allow booting other operating systems from USB media.

The "Other OS" feature will be run in a hypervisor VM context, restricting
hardware access to the GPU and preventing the boot-up of a patched dashboard.

We would like to ask you for your help in choosing the minimum PCI memory ranges
required for booting up and working with a Linux OS.

Please contact us ASAP, as we are planning to deploy this feature in the Summer
2010 dashboard update.

Kind regards,

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