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XeLL is the Xenon Linux Loader. It's a second-stage bootloader which is loaded by a loader.

XeLL catches CPU threads, sets them up, loads an ELF file from either network (tftp) or CDROM (ISO9660), and launches it. It's made to boot linux. Thus it also contains a flat device tree for linux. However, it should be able to load other ELF files as well, like apps based on libXenon.

lwIP is used for networking. Network config is currently hardcoded in network.c (and main.c), and probably needs to be modified if you want to use it.

XeLL is in a very early stage, but is (most of the time) fully working.

XeLL is available at There are currently no binary releases of original XeLL.

XeLLous is an available modification of XeLL made by Redline99. It support flashing full nand images (updflash.bin) and patchslots for rebooter images (updpatch.bin) and includes a HTTP Server where you can get your CPUKey and DVDKey (if KV is in place) and dump your nand. XeLLous is availabe on xbins.

XeLL Reloaded (Codename: 2Stages) is the recent branch of XeLL. It consists of 2 stages: Stage 1 does the main low level hw init, loads Stage 2 into memory and executes it. Stage 2 is built with libxenon - ensures the latest codebase. For all new features check the README1 You can get the sourcecode of XeLL Reloaded from Free60 Sourceforge's GIT aswell - branch: 2stages (which is the standard branch) 2

Building and running

0. Make sure that you have a working Cross Compiler toolchain and LibXenon.

1. Grab the sources from the git repository:

git clone

2. Compile it using your cross compiler (depending on the name of your cross compiler, you may have to adjust the name after CROSS=):

cd xell

If you want to build XeLL NON-2stages sourcecode:

git checkout master

Now compile it

make CROSS=powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu-

3a. Use the JTAG Hack or Reset Glitch Hack- you can even upgrade XeLL via USB.

3b. Deprecated: load xell-readcd.bin using the readcd method and a patched King Kong game.

3c. Deprecated: use the serial loader from Crawler360 to download xell-serial.bin to your Xbox 360 and run it.

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