Zephyr was the second revision of the Xbox 360 motherboard and case and was originally exclusively available only with Elite consoles. Zephyr was the first Xbox 360 motherboard revision to have HDMI.

Performing the SMC Hack requires a slightly different set of connections to Xenon motherboards.

  • Consoles: Arcade, Pro/Premium 20GB, Elite 120GB, and Halo 3 Console
  • 90nm IBM CPU & ATI GPU
  • 90nm eDRAM
  • 203 Watt PSU (16.5 A)
  • HDMI video output
  • Updated motherboard layout
  • Glue around the CPU in some cases
  • 3 pin fan connector
  • New Extended GPU heat sink with a heat pipe
  • New Elite model includes 120GB hard drive
  • Shipping with Hitachi 78 or 79 and BenQ DVD-Drive. May also have Lite-On drive if it was refurbished.

Category: Xbox 360 Hardware