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To communicate with the Flash Controller you need a device which is captable of the Xbox 360's SPI Protocol. There are ready-to-use devices you can buy or, if you aren't afraid of soldering your own hardware, DIY homebrew devices. Basicly: Get the device programmed (if needed) and solder it according to the Diagram to your Xbox's mainboard - you can start reading/writing to your NAND after installing the needed drivers.

DIY / Homebrew

LPT SPI Programmer

This type of programmer isn't really recommended as it's awfully slow and can probably cause high failure rates.

Description coming later...

USB SPI Programmer

Needed material:

  • 1x 50X100 PCB
  • 1x 12 MHz Resonator
  • 1x 220nF Capacitor
  • 1x 100nF Capacitor
  • 1x 10 kOhm Resistor
  • 6x 100 Ohm Resistor
  • 1x 1 Row x 10 Pin - 2,54mm Pin Headers (male)
  • 1x 1 Row x 10 Pin - 2,54mm Pin Headers (female)
  • 1x PIC 18F2455-I/SP
  • 1x USB Conector (female)
  • 1x Matching USB Cable
  • Wire

Program the PIC with your favorite PIC Programmer (Can be build or bought - for building one yourself the "ART2003" is recommended) with the latest "Picflash" HEX file. USB SPI Programmer Diagram


Description coming later...

AT90USB162 Programmer

Description coming later...

Ready to use

There are several ready-to-use professional products like: Team Xecuter NAND-X, Maximus 360NandFlasher, Matrix SPI Programmer etc. They arrive preprogrammed and can be used directly with Software like NANDPro to interact with the NAND Flash.