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SMC Command 0x01

Query Power On Type

The reply to the SMC command 0x01 will contain some information about the event which caused the X360 to power up.

Message: 01
Reply: 01 WW 00 XX YY ZZ
Data Source Meaning
WW @63h Type of power up Event
XX @3fh ??
YY.0 @2bh.1 ??
ZZ @3eh ??
# Event Type
0x11 power button
0x12 eject button
0x15 rtc wakeup
0x16 ???
0x20 power IR
0x21 eject IR
0x22 xenon IR
0x24 MCE IR
0x30 power cycle
0x31 reset cycle
0x41 ???
0x51 kiosk
0x55 argon (RF)
0x56 gameport 1
0x57 gameport 2
0x5a expansion resume