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NAND Tools

Name: NandCompare

Description: Check/verify your Xbox 360 NAND dumps and potentially even repair them if you have at least 3 'bad' dumps.

Author: Rab at XBH

Download: v1.3

Name: NandPro

Description: Read/write NAND dumps and repair the spare bytes / ECC sections.

Author: Tiros at XBH

Download: xbins

Name: 360FlashTool

Description: Decrypt and extract various parts of an Xbox NAND dump.

Author: Robinsod, TheSpecialist and SeventhSon at XBH

Since Robinsod released the source of "360 Flash Dump Tool" and stoped developing a couple of people (Redline99, Tiros and MODFREAKz) decided to continue develop this great app.

Download: 0.97


Description: Add/remove/extract files from a NAND dump. Open source.

Author: [stoker25], based on 360 Flash Tool source by Robinsod.

Download: v.45d binaries v.45d source

Category: Xbox 360 Homebrew Software