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Kernel exports


Parameters: OUT PANSI_STRING OutputString, IN LPCSTR String Returns: OutputString as an ANSI equivalent of String Prototype: void RtlInitAnsiString( PANSI_STRING, LPCSTR ); Example:

RtlInitAnsiString(&DeviceName, "\\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition1");

Parameters: IN PANSI_STRING SymbolicLinkName, IN PANSI_STRING DeviceName Returns: 0 if success Prototype: int ObCreateSymbolicLink( PANSI_STRING, PANSI_STRING ); Example:

int result = ObCreateSymbolicLink( "\\??\\hdd:", "\\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition1" );
(wont actually work)

Both strings have to be ANSI, use RtlInitAnsiString to make them

Parameters: IN PANSI_STRING SymbolicLinkName Returns: 0 if success Prototype: int ObDeleteSymbolicLink( PANSI_STRING ); Example:

int result = ObDeleteSymbolicLink( "\\??\\hdd:" );
(wont actually work)

As above, use RtlInitAnsiString to make the string

Category: Xbox 360 System Software