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Welcome to Free60,
a wiki dedicated to homebrew on the Xbox 360.
We have 142 articles.

Free60 is a project towards porting GNU/Linux, BSD, Darwin and related open-source operating systems to the Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console.

BREAKING NEWS - 28.08.2011: We can run our own, unsigned code (Homebrew and Linux) on all Xbox360 Kernels. Zephyr, Falcon, Jasper and Trinity (aka X360 Slim) Revisions are supported via the new Reset Glitch Hack. Consoles manufactured before 16-06-2009 which are running a Kernel equal to or lower than 2.0.7371.0 are also vulnerable via the SMC Hack!



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Install XeLL on your Xbox360 gaming console by following the SMC Hack or Reset Glitch Hack tutorial. Browse the homebrew directory or Free60 Git Repository. Start developing homebrew by installing Xenon Toolchain and reading the homebrew development guide.

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