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Thanks to Cpasjuste and stonersmurf, we now have three Live-CDs!

See First Steps for a step-by-step tutorial on running them.

Note: Samsung drives are supported on the Gentoo LiveCD BETA v2, only.

  • Gentoo Minimal 2006.1 Get it from here!

This LiveCD is based on the minimal Gentoo Live-CD, so it doesn't offer X. But download size is reasonable at around 90MB.

  • Gentoo LiveCD BETA Get it from here!

This LiveCD is based on the BETA Gentoo LiveCD. It includes our framebuffer driver and a Gnome Desktop environment. Download size is around 600MB.

  • Gentoo LiveCD BETA v2 Get it from here!
md5 sum , Release Notes

It is the second revision of the Gentoo LiveCD BETA including the latest kernel updates for the Xbox 360. Download size is around 621MB.